Hand Embroidery, Wool felt, cotton & metallic threads, about 15 x 12 cm, 2020

Fragment-s is a series with an indefinite number of “autonomous entities”. The overall external shape of each volume seems both random and highly shaped. Like “cut out pieces”, these textile sculptures question by their delimited, closed contours. Are they territories, mineral, vegetal, human elements or elements of a completely different nature?
Each Fragment-s contains traced, marked, sometimes interrupted axes; all give strong directions. Points are grouped together, joined, squeezed, they form a mass that swarms, swarms and proliferates. For certain Fragment-s, the points stretch, escape, slip, explode… They seem to spread without contours, nor design. Sometimes straight, regular and dotted lines appear like a weft, an inevitable network. These lines seem to be suspended in their course. Are they arriving or leaving? Are we facing a propagation or a flight?
Fragment-s speaks about instabilities, movements, displacements… Like captured moments, these “miniature environments” play with a duality between something contained, mastered and something fully alive which invades, proliferates and in its bubbling, tries to leave the frame, to tell other stories.
By the multitude of its proposals made like a non-exhaustive list, the series offers a “cartography of possibilities”, suggestive and poetic almost infinite. By its absence of reference marks, its various scales, Fragment-s goes back and forth from a sensory frame from the individual, his intimacy, his interior; to the geography of a more global frame, outside, such as an extent, territory of a common place.
In its fictitious stories told with golden thread, symbolizing something precious which would seek to make itself visible, Fragment-s acts like traces, testimonies of a past age or like future proposals where each entity would be like an alphabet, an element in becoming of a language which would make it possible to read our world differently. Fragment-s summon our imagination, our unconscious. It is a support of escape and it invites us to travel between “place”, first appearances of an external vision and “reverse”, more unconscious and interior reading which questions the meaning of all things. The opportunity to (re)define new utopia