Totems Brodés (Embroidered Totems)

Installation, Hand embroidery, Various textiles and cotton threads, Volumes between 25 x 25cm – 60 x 25cm, 2019

Totems is a series of geometric volumes to be assembled, superimposed, combined to create one or more totems. Like personal or collective effigies, these totems to be (co)-built are a time given to the spectator to interact, identify and belong to a group. It would be an opportunity to question and to walk together, to try, to make mistakes and to start again to (re)invent one’s own cults.
The geometrical volumes are of defined forms and contours and identifiable by all. They have been traced, constructed and assembled by sewing. The motifs, realized as drawings in the spontaneous approach as well as in the plastic effects produced, are embroidered randomly by hand.
The volumes can be linked, connected between them by the lines that seem to want to escape from their container. The apparently “decorative” motifs divert the attention, capture it, like a lure… The purpose is elsewhere!
The soft consistency of the sculptures increases the difficulty of erecting and gives a “precarious” side to the installation where the idea of the fragile, the unstable invites a quest for balance. Like the balance necessary for a sustainable future, the solution is multiple, to invent!