Mutationem Nauta & Insectum

Hand embroidery, Velour, cotton and metallic threads, 30 cm diameter, 2020

Mutationem – Nauta and Mutationem – Insectum are two series of animals (marine and insects) that would have been transformed, modified over time. It is then a question of evolution, of a relationship to time and to our environment. The spectator is invited to wonder about the causes and consequences of these transformations-mutations: is it a question of a disruption of nature? of an advanced mutation?
No clue… neither positive nor negative is given. Are these scenarios proposed as utopias? a dream? a contemporary mythology?
These animals are presented in the center, as if pinned on embroidery drums. Multiplied and juxtaposed, they form a whole which is not without reminding the cabinets of curiosity. Like a fictitious collection, it could be assimilated to a so-called “biological” collection. The animals gathered here share the same aspect: they come from the same environment, the marine world or the terrestrial world. This set plays with a duality between the “frozen” technique of embroidery, like a capture of time, and the immediacy of a nature in perpetual evolution-mutation. However something seems to escape, to dissolve, to slip, to disperse…. As if everything was still possible, like a fictitious witness of the passing of time, this sensorial, even emotional collection allows us to keep in mind the interactions that exist between man and the environment.
Whether by the thread or the golden background, the color underlines the preciousness of this nature and also highlights an invisible world that seeks to alert, to make itself visible, like a sign. The colored and blurred background acts at the same time as a reflection of a blurred marine world? soiled? Are the utopias