Ce qu’il nous reste

What we have left

Velvet, cotton and nylon thread, phosphorescent beads, iron-on adhesive, metal, wood, threaded metal rods, nuts and bolts, 2023-2024

View of the Biennale Objet Textile #4 exhibition, Monochrome, La Manufacture de Roubaix. Photo credit © Frédéric IOVINO

A wave! Violent. Strong. Rising. Stopped. As if suspended.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, after three years, we had to relearn and rethink the idea of the collective, of the global. What’s left of this invigorating momentum?

To commit. To hold on.

Without distinction of gender, geographical origin, creed or culture. In a plain, monochrome blue. Deep and soft. The blue of a caress. Blue, the source of life.

The blue that brings movement and fluidity. The blue that, in its velvety shades, binds us together.

Layer by layer, plate by plate, the story is sculpted.

The individual writing, not of a successive assembly but of a wave, from “close to close” becomes collective! The story is built and structured together.

Can we tame it, reappropriate it? It’s already too late!

Upstream, before the wave forms. That’s where the story needs to be written!

A wave! Devastating. Brutal. So sudden. Smashing. Stunned. It sweeps you away.

In this suspended time, there is waiting. There’s worry and questions. In this time of battle, you have to hold on. Facing the wave. Dad. I hope you leave in the gentlest of foam.

A wave! Powerful. Invigorating. Carrying. Animating. From the top of its 2.20m, it rises throughout the volume. Through her, it’s us! It’s me! We’re standing. Together.

Without getting caught up in it. Seizing all the energy that comes out of it. Moving forward. Sculpting gently.

A wave! At night. Discreet. Taking advantage of the absence. Its ripples sparkle. Pearls shine on its contours. Something eludes us. An inaccessible beauty!

The collective narrative is re-mystified. Beliefs. Gentle. Strong.

Like a promise.

Will you be there in the morning?