En chemin le fragile

On the fragile road

Blue Treasure

Coral, wood, wool felt, wire, 10 (diam)x20cm, 2023

Je gravirai à temps – I’ll get there in time

Wool, cotton and gold thread, lead, cotton wool, 10 (diam)x20cm, 2023

Sous la houle rose, mon cœur bat – Under the pink swell, my heart beats

Wool felt, cotton and gold thread, lead, 14 (diam)x21cm, 2023


Wool blend, wool felt, wool, gold thread, cotton wool, aluminium, 14 (diam)x27cm, 2023

Autant en emporte la fumée – Gone with the smoke

Mixed wool, wool, cotton and gold thread, copper, cotton wool, 14 (diam)x21, 2023

Things. Small. Unknown.

Dusty or precious?

Nestled. Nestled in a box. As if sealed.

What are they?

Thread. Hair. Wood. Limestone. Softness.

Steamy. Delicate. Aggressive. Worrying.


What are they looking for?

Piled up. Spread out. Bundled up.

They swarm. Spreading out. Contain themselves. Resisting.

What brings them here?

Findings. Chance encounters.

Vestiges of a past. Anthropic projections.

Are they witnesses to these temporalities?

Collected. Assembled. Imagined. Rediscovered.

Improvisation here means crystallising the sponge within.

And in their uncertain origins and futures, they transform.

Mutate. Multiply.

Strange. Resilient.

Do you have a magnifying glass?